Citizens Against Homicide, founded in 1991 by Jane Alexander and Jan Miller, is a non-profit, public benefits organization serving families and friends of homicide victims. 
The majority of the organization's Board Members have lost a family member to murder. They are surviving the devastating loss of a loved one and continue to suffer the emotional trauma of coping with the criminal justice system. They have joined together to create a body of support and a voice for the survivors and friends of murder victims.

Here are a few of the services CAH offers:

* At the request of families, they work to keep convicted murderers in prison with Parole Board denial letter-writing campaigns across the US. The campaigns are featured in the CAH monthly Newsletter, with distribution to 4000 readers.
* At the request of families, they feature Victim Profiles in the monthly Newsletter, honoring the deceased and attempting to generate new leads in unsolved and cold cases.
* They provide information in the Newsletter on pending crime legislation in California.
* They provide guidance through the complicated criminal justice system, including trail and courtroom support, one on one.
* They assist families in securing information on homicide reward funds and billboards in California, one on one.
* They provide advice for family and friends of murder victims in the composition of a "Pre-sentence Impact Statement," which is presented at trial prior to an offender's sentencing.
* They provide online resources where victims can find:
- the status of an offender after conviction
- victim and survivor rights and services, along with compensation and restitution
- non-profit victim assistance groups
- crime statistics
* They provide a forum where the family and friends of murder victims can share letters.
* They provide a list of law enforcement, political and mass media resources that can be used to help solve a murder.

Words from Citizens Against Homicide:
"You cannot prepare for the event that makes you a victim. You can only react. You need to know how to deal with the subsequent trial, sentencing and parole hearing. We help you take action to protect your interests."

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